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Armando Bergallo @ Thomas More College

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

February 11-…, 2022 | Thomas More College, Campus Geel, Kleinhoefstraat 4, 2440 Geel

We’re excited to announce the arrival of the very first papur painting by Armando Bergallo at the ICEcube of Thomas More College, Campus Geel.

The painting ‘Cheval’ meant the start of a series of works ‘NATURA’, referring to nature and a reflection on the relation of mankind towards nature. It will be exposed starting February 14th.

Cheval and Natura are an invitiation to reflect about quality of life in a not too distant future: that of generations to come. Where do we break with untenable habits, to create new ones that help making the bend towards a more realisitic & sustainable future. Cuz time is up.

Alongside the exposition and as the second semester kicks off, is teaming up with students and professors of Thomas More College in building that future. Students active at the cocoon2440 are finishing the prototype of a new tabletop bioreactor, that will enable small-scale papur farmers in growing microbial cellulose. The ICT students (Embedded Devices) will create a prototype IoT solution to monitor the growth and wellbeing of papur cultures. We’re also planning a joint celebration with an ICE Honour team…

We’re grateful to the cocoon2440, the ICEcube and Too-Gather for supporting the initiative.

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