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Clean Vision Summit by VITO - 2020

Updated: Jun 4, 2021

If impact for planet and mankind is your company DNA, the Clean Vision Summit is the place to be. VITO researchers presented their latest solutions, products & services to hundreds of Flemish entrepreneurs & investors in this one day event in 'De Lamot', Mechelen.

In the year prior to CVS-2020, ten teams & the VITO Tech Transfer Office worked hard on multiple new business ideas in the “Accelerate Your Business Idea“ (AYOUBI) campaign, an internal entrepreneur's workshop cycle at VITO.

Twelve Teams, of which five AYOUBI teams, went on stage in two pitching sessions at the Clean Vision summit, to connect to industry, to seek pioneer customers and/or investors. Patrick De Boever on MONAhealth, prevention & diagnostics through the retina; Luc Plancke & Carolin Spirinckx on Enperas, a platform integrating the Environmental Product Declaration workflow; Jurgen Decloedt on mapEO a platform supporting farmers through drone & satellite-based image analysis and AI; Inge Mertens on detection of kidney transplant rejection using protein biomarkers in urine; Roel Vleeschouwers on Lignovalue, a bio-aromatics refinery pilot plant and Julie Berckmans on Climate Fit Industry, a platform technology to predict the impact of climate change worldwide. It was an honour to introduce them at the parallel pitch session of the event (images: courtesy VITO).

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