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ClimateLaunchpad BeNeLux 2018 @GreenVille

Budget restrictions forced Belgium & The Netherlands to join forces this year. Then and again, it isn’t fair to have two campaigns for say 28 million Europeans while leaving big countries doubling that number of citizens with just the same leverage/impact.

With a Belgo-Dutch selection of teams we worked through the program and coaching sessions, including a just amazing session on public speaking by Eldridge Labinjo. Even after fourty years experience ‘on stage’ in teaching & conferences, he knocked my socks off with deep insight in speaker & audience psychology, strong tips n tricks.

Yet another great pitch event and three strong finalist, ready for the EU Finals. Of the 31 Benelux teams that took up the challenge, 12 participated in the Bootcamp at GreenVille, Houthalen, Belgium and took part in the coaching sessions to prepare for the Benelux finals in Utrecht, The Netherlands. For some, a pitch on Friday 13th might not seem perfect timing, but 7 finalists faced the jury to compete for the three tickets to join the Global Finals in Edinburgh, Scotland on 1-2 November.

Four teams gained access to the EU Finals in Edinburgh next Nobember.

Chef@home – their chefs come to your home to prepare healthy meals for a week, exclusively made from local crops & ingredients

JP Motorcycles – designed a low-maintenance full electric motorbike (yes the fast ones) with plenty of storage capacity for bike commuters

Remode – delivers sustainable flexibility and time saving to the bio-industry through 3D-printed and fully recyclable bioreactors

SmartGreenTec4You – delivers intelligence & technology for smarter energy use in buildings at zero-cost, on the contrary with a bonus: the energy savings payback.

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