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More Cube @ Expo NATURA | Lalandusse, France

Brochure en Francais ici dessous

PAPUR - More Cube at Natura 2022
Download PDF • 4.56MB

At Armando Bergallo's NATURA 2022 exhibition, we’re showcasing the second 'More Cube' into the open landscape where the large papur leaves grow. Here in the heart of the Perigord, overarching a rock and near a tree, More Cube connects to the passion of Armando: creating art that embodies his optimistic vision on nature and mankind.

Through the orthogonal open spaces the winds from all directions pass.

It is here and around it that discussions take place, that minds mature, where novel avenues towards a circular society and economy are discussed, where opinions are formed, where actions are prepared, and where experiments happen.

With a firm thank you to Bart Dooms for help while constructing.

Soon to come: the vernissage images

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