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More Cube meets Thomas

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

March 10-29, 2022 | Thomas More College, Campus Geel, Kleinhoefstraat 4, 2440 Geel

Download the brochure in dutch. and the ICE-Cube of Thomas More College, join forces in pushing the result of sustainable and social entrepreneurship.

The vehicle for this endeavour is the installation ‘More Cube’, a simple structure, just 12 wooden beams and 24 screws, connecting each other orthogonally in the ‘Rietveld closure’ a most simple and 100% re-usable set-up. In the middle stands a similar structure where objects can be exposed. Today it features ‘Tray’, a simple utilitarian object made of bacterial cellulose or ‘papur’: a sustainable material and alternative for plastics and/or paper. Tray is made of the same material as the painters canvas carrying the painting ‘Cheval’ of Armando Bergallo, which is mounted at the entrance of the ICE-Cube (and visible in the image, through the More Cube.

More Cube stands for human intellect, a predominant form in architecture, design and art, vitrually absent in nature. It opposes the circle and ball, predominant forms in cosmos and life on earth in all of its variations: cilindrical, straight & bended, linear or branched, convex & concave, …

In mathematics, circle and square proved impossible to connect; the transcendent number pi being needed in calculating circles and rounded shapes. ‘Squaring the circle’ has been the focus of centuries of matemathical discussion and proved impossible and has been a metaphor for unsolvable matters.

Today, this metaphor applies to the relation between mankind, nature and the planet in the anthropocene: the era where we all are the dominant factor of change on the planet. ’Can humanity prevent or postpone its own collapse and recreate a sustainable relation with nature and the planet?’ Will it be possible to create a ‘Simbiocene’, where mankind lives in a fair relation with other life on earth and planetary resources? In this context, the sun stands for the number pi: source of all life on earth and a major force in creating the solution. And we know it.

SIPTRIN: Sunlight is Plenty, the Rest is NOT.

More Cube delineates a cubic space in which the fruit of responsible entrepreneurship is shown, right in the agora of Campus Geel. For a short while, it will host ‘Tray’, connecting More Cube to the ICE-Cube, waiting for other creations to come.

Soon it will host a device, created by ICE-Honours of Thomas More College. Too-Gather is a device that uses AI to sort metal, paper and plastic waste. In schools, it will contribute to changing the mindset re. waste and recycling. Just a looking in the streets or in nature tells us how important this is. Despite the fact Flanders champions in sorting & recycling, there still is a long way to go. More to come on Too-Gather soon.

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