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PAPUR | Painters Canvas

When scobies are mounted on cheescloth to dry, cloth & scoby strongly adhere to each other. The adhesion can be enhanced by treating the side with cheescloth with acrylic medium.

Pilot testing of small CCB#4 60 x 60 sqcm canvases lead to beautiful transparent paintings by pioneer Armando Bergallo. He said he loved the papur canvas, because it has little things of its own to tell, minor or bigger ‘imperfections or impurities’, that elicit a creative stimulus. Something ‘sterile’ industrial canvas rolls or white sheets of paper don’t.

The extra strength of the combination by the cheesecloth also is a step up to go larger with PAPUR sheets, to build a larger bioreactor in Lalandusse, in Armando’s gallery.

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