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Updated: Feb 15, 2022

9-10 oct 2021 | GUM (Gents Universiteits Museum - directions) | talk - meet - expo

2110 - SONMAT meets PAPUR 2
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The vision & story of PAPUR.ORG?

More info on the exposed worx?

Download the brochure aside.

The SONMAT Inspiration Weekend explores where food, culture, philosophy and science meet. SONMAT is Korean for « hand-taste ». As we prepare our food, our hands transfer life (our microbiome) on & into the dishes we make for each other. In this way we create unique food and give something unique, more of ourselves than we think we do. PAPUR is not different: touch it and you take the life in it with you, to land and grow elsewhere on the planet. Are we intelligent life or are we ‘just’ Starship Enterprise, hosting and staying healthy by the grace of ancient life inside and on our body?

Come to see PAPUR worx TRAY & CRYSTALS OF LIFE, shown in the GUM museum, meet Johan at ‘Salongasten’ (Sunday 10:30-14:30 & 16:00-17:30 - program & venue) or come listen to Heimat SONMAT (Sunday 14:30-16:00 - program & venue), where I give a short talk ‘Kombucha, from drink to Food-grade Materials (in dutch)’ in collaboration with ‘Curieus - Moeilijke dingen makkelijk uitgelegd’.

Most Welcome | big thanks to Ae Jin Huys (MOKJA!) for connecting to SONMAT.

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