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Student .com Goes PAPUR

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

Mon 27 Sep 2021 | cocoon2440 | Stationstraat 24, Geel

Five enthusiast students join forces to innovate the PAPUR technology.

In the compact fablab cocoon2440, the following is in the worx: (1) an affordable bioreactor for PAPUR farmers; (2) optimization of culture conditions and the transition from sugar & tea to organic waste streams; (3) a solar solution, taking bioreacotrs off the grid; (4) on line culture monitoring using IoT tech. In addition, a number of business cases will be analysed, validated and - who knows - started up. There will be examples of the diverse applications of PAPUR on display.

We’re looking to strengthen the team with experience in on line marketing and/or communication, business education. BE MOST WELCOME.

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