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Sustainable Technology for Africa 2019 The Kigali Bootcamp Experience

Updated: May 22, 2021

Perhaps one of the most vibrant editions of the Sustainable Technology for Africa Competition Series for now. Not in the least thanks to an exceptional group of Jr coaches and fantastic teams. The selection came out of a group of over hundred submissions: unseen ever before in ST4A.

And what a country, Rwanda. Clean (no single use plastic allowed); energetic and energizing young entrepreneurs with formidable drive and a big heart for planet and people. Thank you Citybuddiz, for a fantastic series of experiences & visits - companies, memorials included: a two-day cycle that felt like having been there for a week.

A fantastic evolution is that we have as many African trainers as European in this edition. ST4A is all about learning from each other, both directions between South & North. Also great is that ST4A evolves to parity when it comes to the sexes in the group of coaches Jr & Sr, trainers and the teams. The objective for next years will be to add African women trainers to the program. No wonder the campaign ran like a high-speed train and a smashing pitch celebration, with BAG as the winner.

I bow deep for the way the Rwandan people rose up from the disastrous episode of the genocide and the way the young generation deals with the pains from the past by living positively in a forward looking mode.

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