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The Dogue - The Making Of

World premiere for 100% sustainable printing on stable PAPUR canvas. A printer with UV-cured, solvent-free ink was used (Milo Profi - Kontich, Belgium). The ‘‘Dogue with Water Bottle’’ featured in the exposition “Flora & the Water Warriors” by Bart Ramakers & William Sweetlove - in de Notelaer, Hingene, Belgium, 2019.

When Bart asked to make a big print, this was quite a challenge: CCB#4 in Retie produced only leafs of 60 x 70 cm, so a solution had to be found to mount them in an acceptable way. We opted for a mount of 4 leafs on canvas.

Next came the question on the bright whites as PAPUR is semi-transparent, has a light brown shade to it that will darken over time. So Bart & I decided to give the illuminated parts a white printed background.

Thanks to the experience of Waldo (at the left), this all worked well on a mini-print and then on the big leaf. Luckily the monumental printer can produce sharp prints from a quite large distance, taking care of the smaller irregularities.

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