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War! (in bioreactor trays)

An ‘open’ set up with six black trays of de Verbeke CCB’s #2 & #3 in spring got infected by alien fungi, which happily sporulated all on top of the containers. The pattern of infection was strange: trays 2-4-6 were sporulating, trays 1-3-5 showed the white mycelium, starting to sporulate.

Underneath, the scoby had formed: both the fungal component and the floating cellulose. In places, the scoby had found a way to the top and had started proliferating on top of the mycelium, as if it was trying to engulf the infecting mycelial top layer.

In an experiment in a bottle with a prickle infection, I followed up the process. And yes, the fungal colony first grew, after months stopped growing and then was engulfed by the scoby, to leave no visual indication of its presence.

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