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Where to start greening your creative practice?  And by extension, your lifestyle?  Or your business?  PAPUR.ORG offers tailored education to put you on track, to make you succeed in your quest to more sustainable practices.  Broaden your view on transition to the sustainable society of tomorrow through topical keynotes.



Create your strategy, then execute

A half day or full day workshop in which you start capturing your status re. sustainable using the R2C format. Where do you perform well, so-so or bad and what are your options to improve the sustainability of our endeavour.  The R2C workshop toolkit applies to individuals, teams, projects, facilities, events, businesses.  You return home with a practical plan and a work format to refine your R2C.


Get insight in the circular economy

A half-day gaming workshop.   As you play, you learn the principles of ‘circular’ & apply them playing the game. In times of change where climate, scarce, local, recycle & regulation are gaining traction, you learn to apply the principles on how to build & run a resilient, circular, change-proof business.  Hands-on. Risk-free. Learn from other players.  Coached by a certified trainer. (Image: courtesy VITO)


Greener by going digital? How to?

Digitizing aspects of the visual arts practice can reduce materials use drastically.  From multimedial note-taking, over making compositions prior to ‘wetwork’ creation.  Building, managing, exhibiting, selling your collection. Networking with peers, sharing insights, techniques, ...  Get to know half day workshop picturing the options up to a  tailored 10-workshop cycle making you a fully-fledged digital artist.



From digital to tangible, bio-based

Fusing, mixing digital & tangible techniques opens a universe of creative opportunity.  In the 2 half day workshops you get acquainted with several techniques to transfer digital to tangible.  You practice by transferring your own (digital) creation to recycled textiles or PAPUR.  Ideas and cases of fusing with other collage techniques are discussed in group.  You can share your experience and learn from others.


Growing PAPUR made simple

PAPUR can be grown in any size in any quantity.  It all depends on your needs.  Join to tap into our experience scaling up PAPUR.  In the 2 half-day workshop, you are familiarized with the basics of culture, the do’s & don’ts.  You set up your culture and learn to work with PAPUR.  Few weeks later you harvest your culture & work with your first self-grown PAPUR.  Then you are ready to kick-off your PAPUR farm @home.


From wetworx to PAPUR creations

How do you store the scobies leaving your bioreactor(s)?  How do you dry and treat PAPUR?  The options are unlimited. Take control to create ‘vegan-leather’-like, parchment-, paper-, skin-, (bio-)polymer-like finishes.  Bleach & work with bio-based colours. Or fragrance. Ideate over cases and installations made by accociated artists.  Or experiment to create & share your own PAPUR treatment.  2 half day workshops.



The story of PAPUR, plus a demo

PAPUR is microbial cellulose made by  symbiotic kombucha cultures.  For over a decade, planet-concious creatives use it in the creative practice: Susanne Lee, being a pioneer.  This masterclass pictures why mankind needs footprint-free biomaterials, also in the visual arts practice.  The masterclass ends with a demonstration of PAPUR worx by several artists.


Insight in transition to circular

Bio-art empowers transition to circular. But there is more to be achieved. Insight that boosts your artist message.  Topics like: ‘How is planetary air pollution affecting health?’;  ‘How can your body info create health & care tomorrow?’; ‘What is innovation, disruption & how to prepare for a better world?’ Topical keynotes supporting one mission: “Sunlight is plenty, the rest is NOT.”


Idea to business pitch, plan, ...

A pocket MBA, the sustainable way.  
In a 2-day track, you quantify your dream and make sure you are an entrepreneur.  
You check out what to sell, where & how.  You model how your financials work and define the levers to grow.  The positive impact of your business is quantified, turned into a marketing tool.  You build & deliver a pitch to convince a team, an investor.  Your blueprint for a business plan.

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