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Johan Geysen, Founder


We have to build a more sustainable humanity, at all imaginable levels.  Fast and with impact.  One can contribute in many different ways, with more impact when in alignment with one’s passions.

Creating biotechnology for making to microbial cellulose in a most sustainable way became part of the solution for me.    

How come?  At first, iPad became the digital core of paperless creativity: it eliminated my art materials need - canvases & paper; shrinked my art footprint by 99%. 

For the few tangible emanations of my digital artwork I needed - for giving, exhibiting, selling - transfer techniques to recycled textiles were the first step up and bacterial cellulose, PAPUR the final step towards the full greening of my artistic practice.

My mission today is to enable creative minds to upcyle to sustainable; to add to the natural beauty of PAPUR; to ask the question: «How can the arts contribute to truly circular? ». 

And this all happens at the heart of the climate crisis and at the nexus of my backgrounds & passions: cell biology, biotechnology, entrepreneurship, creativity, sustainability.  

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