Grow your skills as you participate in PAPUR innovations

What defines a business in tomorrow’s Circular Economy?  And how can we get there, starting up in today’s economy? is an experiment to provide answers.    In technological, economical & societal sense, taking microbial bio-production of cellulose as a case towards 100% circular; 100% safe for everyone & 100% inclusive.  

How to?  By designing, prototyping, implementing solutions for the challenges below.  

Join a multidisciplinary team, and make a difference.  Perhaps a living.  

Solar Water Heater


Create a solution to take PAPUR bioreactors off-the-grid with solar energy, so farming papur does not need energy networks, can be set up anywhere.  Take advantage:  ‘Sunlight is plenty, the rest is NOT’.

The preferred solution: portable and hybrid (heat & photovoltaics) | can store heat & has a battery (for winter performance) | can discharge excess heat | can deliver excess electricity to grid | is accessible on line.  



Create a sensor-based IoT solution to follow up PAPUR bioreactor processes, so vulnerable people can operate them safely, with peace of mind.  

We aim at integrating sensors for temperature, humidity, VOC’s, CO2, acidity with LoRa communication towards a portal.  

Once in place, data collection & analysis will lead to an AI back-end to streamline PAPUR bio-production processes, to alert the unforeseen.  Any moment, anywhere.

Image by Clint Patterson


This challenge aims at making the PAPUR bioproduction more circular, independent from food-grade carbon sources.  

Replacing sugar & tea by agro-organic wastestreams.  Pilot experiments showed this can increase performance over sugar. 

The same for drinking water: soon a scarce good.  Build a solution that upcycles rain water to PAPUR-grade bio-culture water.

Finally, PAPUR fermentation creates carbon dioxide and CO2 is rate-limiting in greenhouse culture: an opportunity.  In times where fossil greenhouse heating is phased out, this CO2 will not longer be available.  Is injecting PAPUR-derived CO2 in Greenhouses a viable option?



Users say PAPUR is ‘unlike anything else’.

In house developed novel PAPUR treatments & PAPUR composites open a universe of creative, marketable applications.  For students in Arts & Design to experiment & create...

Experience the current PAPUR emanations & start creating your own designer object, jewel, fashion, collection, ...

We’ll grow the PAPUR, you’ll grow YOUR collection.  Convince first customers, perhaps make a living out of it.  We’ll support you in realizing your new business idea. 

Designer At Work
green papers


Come look at PAPUR creations and lay-back for a short while.  Talk to the fellow students and see where the business nuggets are to be found.  

What is the value you perceive?  Come to create the appropriate business model(s) and the ‘road-2-market’ for PAPUR products & applications.

Team up with the tech & creative guys n dolls.   Work your way to the market, make transition to circular happen.  

All under guidance of an experienced coach.  Credentials



Did not find your sweet spot in the challenges, but thought of something else with great opportunity?

Come talk to us.  Most welcome.  

We’ll see how we can fit YOUR idea in the PAPUR value chain.

Business Team