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Behind the scenes of a symbiotic microcosmos

The bacteria and yeasts composing the symbiontic microscosmos that creates PAPUR are open & stable, at times aggressive & flexible.  Over the years I’ve seen most surprising behaviours.  Collaborating with the minute microbial partners with an track record of billions of years is a fathomless universe to explore.

In fact, in each new environment where a bioreactor was placed, there were subtle differences to observe; speed of growth, alien invaders adding to morphology, color, shape  or transparency of the PAPUR produced.  Often the observed differences opened avenues to new variants of PAPUR, to new processes.  Read about cases in the blog (tab TECH).

At the same time - as need be - we learned how to take control of the microcosmos and avoid unwanted events by adapting bioreactor design, changing the culture protocols, aiming at the direction of a given application.  


Inspired to kick-off a PAPUR farm?

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