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Updated: May 2, 2021

A minor leak in CCB#5 has been observed by Freek in september, which at first seemed to be closing itself. The amount of liquid lost diminished over time. The assumption was that the exposure of culture fluid to air created a papur plug in the leak. None of that. Two weeks later a massive leak flooded the hall, stopped the bioreactor. At the immediate next visit papur had grown 1cm thick on the floor of the ‘grange’ and upon inspection, the liner (hidden from view due to insulation) showed up massively wrinkled. The seams had given up. Conclusion: this symbiotic microcosmos is capable of consuming a pond liner that is supposed (guaranteed) to survive in the soil for 20 years. Spectacular. Is papur capable of ‘eating’ microplastics too? A next line of the R&D program. Upon removal, the hieroglyphic form of the transformed liner had a repititive, quite artistic look resulting from the hydrostatic pressure and the presence of the heating lines. I will call it bacterioglyphs, reffering to ancient Egyptian bas-refiefs.

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