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Fusain-Fusain! Expo Valette 2018

Updated: May 12, 2021

The old-school charcoal nudes & portraits of the nillies revisited. By taking them in the digital sphere and giving them a new life in cyberspace. In the video, an image of the 100x70 cm charcoal drawing Tinne B. has been transformed using multiple iPad photo & drawing apps and the results combined into a video project. First in black & whites, playing image settings, after that adding light and colour and finally expanding the image and shrinking it. The video “FUSAIN-FUSAIN - C’est vachement bien’ showcases how in cyberspace every work of art becomes a project. How the confrontation with the white of paper in front of the model is just the first step in an endless cyclic creative process, with (over time) just snapshots. Like this video. Video music: Le tricorne (Danse du Meunier) by Michel Dintrich.

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